DeepFakes as Artwork

DeepFakes over the past year have been discussed heavily in Media for their implications in fake news.

For this work I teamed up with acclaimed artist Cécile B Evans to help in her work for FIAC, the Fiac-international contemporary art fair in a work titled “A Screen Test for Giselle."

In the piece we merged actors and dancers with the faces of other actors, swapping facesa and applying using DeepFake software “DeepFaceLab”. Nonetheless it was was an interesting experiences that taught me a couple things:

** 1. It's overwhelming to start, with many different models, and input AND processing options**

** 2. You need a powerful system.**

** 3. The outcomes are beautiful, and show what the future holds**

Checkout more info on the piece here

And here

My recommended deepface lab settings to get great quality were:

  • Use the SAE model, at 160 resolution input, pretraining up to 7000 images base to start.
  • Stop the model after pretraining the images, and training using the same settings as before
  • Use super resolution using SRGAN, and sharpen no more than 3-4 stops.
  • Make sure that your video sources have consistent lighting

See more about the piece here